Current Rebate Programs

Federal Tax Credit

30% tax Credit available to all Geothermal Owners
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Montana Tax Credit

$1500 Tax Credit available to Geothermal Owners
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Flathead Electric Rebate

$3000 Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate
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Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning in Kalispell Montana.

Smart homeowners are discovering the amazing benefits of geothermal heating. A geothermal system can cut your annual heating & cooling bill by as much as 65%.

With today's conventional heating costs, most homeowners see a payback in less than 5 years and with the federal government providing a 30% tax credit plus other state incentives the payback is even sooner. Imagine an investment that breaks even in as little as 3 years and continues to pay you back for another 20 years or more.

Where else can you find a better investment? That's the outstanding benefit of a geothermal system.

Our geothermal systems are custom designed to provide the most comfortable indoor environment possible. They are flexible enough to be used with forced air systems utilizing ductwork or with in-floor hydronic heating systems - or both. Our design uses state-of-the-art controls to ensure your comfort.

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