Current Rebate Programs

Federal Tax Credit

30% tax Credit available to all Geothermal Owners
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Montana Tax Credit

$1500 Tax Credit available to Geothermal Owners
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Flathead Electric Rebate

$3000 Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate
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Flathead Electric Rebate

Flathead Electric Cooperative will pay you a $3,000 rebate if you purchase and install a closed-loop or an open loop system.

  • Replacement of an existing ground source heat pump with a new ground source heat pump does not qualify for rebate.
  • The majority of ductwork must be located in the basement or a conditioned crawlspace.
  • If the crawlspace has vents they must be sealed.
  • Only one geothermal rebate per home regardless of the number of systems installed.
  • Installer must be IGSHPA accredited or provide proof of successful completion of an IGSHPA installers workshop and exam.

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