Current Rebate Programs

Federal Tax Credit

30% tax Credit available to all Geothermal Owners
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Montana Tax Credit

$1500 Tax Credit available to Geothermal Owners
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Flathead Electric Rebate

$3000 Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate
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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating

Some geothermal units can provide hot water for radiant floor applications, utilizing tubing encased in the floor. By circulating warm water through the tubing, the room is comfortably conditioned. Since the entire floor acts as a giant radiator, you'll experience consistent comfort throughout the room from head to toe. Floors covered in tile, wood, linoleum or stone are kept toasty warm, even on the coldest days. Homeowners with radiant floor heating systems enjoy the benefit of warm bathroom floors even with bare feet. Basement floors or other concrete slab floors are also a perfect application for radiant heating. And with an individual thermostat in every room, you can simultaneously keep the bathroom floors at a higher temperature, your bedrooms and main living spaces warm and cozy, while just taking the chill off a basement floor.

Domestic Hot Water

Homes with large demands for domestic or potable water heating will benefit from the exceptional efficiency of geothermal units. When used in conjunction with another geothermal unit to condition the air inside the home, the complete system provides the ultimate in savings and comfort with safe, reliable, quiet performance.

 Snow and Ice Melt

Using a geothermal unit, you can keep your sidewalks or driveway free of ice and snow during the cold winter months. Eliminate the hazards of walking on ice-covered sidewalks, and forget the back-breaking effort of shoveling snow.

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